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President's Research Enhancement Program: Collaborative Research Program among Engineering/Physical Sciences and Health Science Faculty - LOIs due Nov. 21

Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The eleventh year of funding has been announced for the President's Research Enhancement Program (REP). This program is designed to strengthen the university's performance as a nationally recognized research university and is intended to contribute toward developing research themes for the university that are consistent with an emphasis on the urban mission and a global presence. Additional consideration for this year's awards will be given to projects with potential for technology commercialization.

President Gilmour has designated this year's REP funds to support collaborative research among faculty in Engineering/Physical Sciences and in the Health Sciences. This program is offering opportunities for WSU to take a leading position in basic and translational research aimed at improving the health of our citizenry as well as contributing to the economic development of our region through innovations in biomedical and biotechnology commercialization. This year's President's Research Enhancement Program is designed to build upon promising collaborations that are developing among faculty across the campus, as well as to spur new collaborations directed toward bringing the technologies and concepts of Engineering/Physical Sciences to bear on important medical problems.

Areas of interest for this program include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:

  • Computer Science solutions to health care delivery, health informatics, tele-health, artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, etc.
  • Nanotechnology and other chemical/physical applications to drug delivery, diagnostics, imaging, novel therapeutics, etc.
  • Biomedical engineering approaches to regenerative medicine, medical devices and sensors, including robotic devices.

Health Science investigators are encouraged to identify problems relevant to Clinical Science, Medicine, Public Health and delivery systems that would be amenable to novel Engineering/Physical Science solutions. Engineers and physical scientists are asked to consider how their technologies can be adapted or designed for health related purposes.

Successful applications to this program will involve collaborations among investigators who bring both their individual perspectives and talents to bear upon a common goal. The funding for this program is up to a million dollars.

To view the full announcement, click HERE. Letters of Intent are due November 21, 2012 to rifs@wayne.edu by 5 p.m.

Questions may be addressed to Sarah James in OVPR at sjames@wayne.edu or 577-8997.