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Grant Life Cycle website now available! Guide to Step Three: Developing Your Proposal

Posted: Monday, September 27, 2010

The Division of Research recently announced a new website, The Grant Life Cycle, to assist Wayne State University faculty and administrators navigate through the six steps that make up the grant process:

* Generating your idea
* Finding funding
* Developing your proposal
* Submitting your proposal
* Awaiting and responding to the decision
* Managing your award.

This user-friendly website offers guidance and tips as well as step-by-step tutorial videos on how to develop a proposal on our new electronic proposal development and submission program, E-prop (COEUSLite); use our award-winning web-based custom software to monitor and manage proposals and grants in real-time, Researcher's Dashboard; and more.

Step three, Developing your Proposal, guides researchers who have identified one or more possible funding sources through a variety of related tasks. These include:

  • identifying resources
  • putting a research team into place
  • further developing the idea

This section guides faculty and others through the process of writing and preparing a proposal. It also provides video tutorials and important links including:

  •  eProp Login
  • eProp Certification
  • eProp Budget
  • eProp Printable Version
  • View All Tutorials
  • eProp Login URL
  • Grantwriting Training
  • WSU's Travel Policy
  • Fringe Benefits and Indirect Cost Rates
  • NIH Multiple Principal Investigators
  • SPA Fact Sheet
  • WSU Research Cores List
  • Core Research Facilities at WSU
  • The Budgeting Process
  • Grant and Contract Officer (GCO)
  • WSU Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual

We invite you to visit this site often at http://spa.wayne.edu/grant/ to guide you through the grant life cycle process at Wayne State University!