Wayne State University

Internal Funding Opportunities: September 2006

Posted: Monday, September 18, 2006

For more information on these programs, please contact Sarah James, OVPR, 577-5600.

Working Groups in the Humanities and Arts Program
Deadline: September 22, 2006

Maximum Award: The Humanities Center will fund up to five new working groups, making available to each group up to $1,000 for photocopying, inviting speakers, and other organizational expenses. The Center will give preference to new working groups. The Center is willing to assist groups find meeting places in the Faculty/Administration Building.

This program was originally modeled after similar programs at humanities centers and institutes at several major research universities across the country. The purpose of the program is to bring together faculty and advanced graduate students to explore shared scholarly or creative interests. Groups will meet regularly (preferably in the Humanities Center) to share work in progress, to read and discuss texts, and otherwise address issues that arise in their own work or in the increasingly interdisciplinary humanistic and creative fields. Group members must be drawn from at least two humanities or arts departments.

To participate in this program, three or more core faculty members, or faculty and advanced graduate students, should submit a proposal following the guidelines below. A working group should be organized around a topic or theme chosen by the core members. Topics or themes could reflect any humanities or artistic interest, but those that have an interdisciplinary scope are particularly encouraged.

Proposals for new working groups should consist of:

1. A brief (1-2 page) summary of the issue or theme the group proposes to address, the relevance of that theme to the humanistic and/or artistic fields, and ways in which the group intends to address that issue or theme;

2. The names, departmental affiliations, and contact information for core members of the proposed group and names of potential participants;

3. An estimated budget, listing any planned projects and expenses.

Proposals for continuing groups should consist of a 1-2 page summary of the group’s progress in the previous year and the direction in which the group wishes to proceed, as well as items 2 and 3 listed above. Preference will be given to proposals for new groups.

Proposals should be sent to The Humanities Center, Attn: Walter F. Edwards, Director, 2226 Faculty Administration Building. For more information about the Humanities Center and its programs, please contact the Center at 577-5471 or visit our website at http://www.research.wayne.edu/hum/.

Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Faculty Scholar Award (winter)
Notify CHR of intent to submit: October 1, 2006
Deadline: November 1, 2006
Maximum Award: $15,000

The 2007 DMC Faculty Scholar Award Program will fund studies that focus on translating WSU faculty research into studies of clinical practice at the DMC. Both need-based and hypothesis-testing proposals are of interest. Three faculty teams, each of which is composed of one Research Faculty Scholar and one Clinical Faculty Scholar, will be funded each calendar year. The Clinical Faculty Scholar must be a CON faculty. The Research Faculty Scholar may be from a WSU Department other than Nursing. Faculty Scholar teams will be assisted in finding a required co-investigator from the DMC Department of Nursing. Proposals will be judged on a number of factors in addition to scientific merit including (a) innovativeness, (b) impact on DMC nursing practice, and (c) likelihood of research leading to major external funding.

Click on http://www.research.wayne.edu/internaldocs/DMC_2007.pdf to download the application. Applications must be submitted by November 1, 2006 for a January 1, 2007 start, March 1, 2007 for a May 1, 2007 start, or July 1, 2007 for a September 1, 2007 start. Submit to the Center for Health Research, 317 Cohn Bldg. If you need additional information, please e-mail judith.floyd@wayne.edu or call 577-4135.